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Don't Tax My Credit Union

Congress is looking at comprehensive tax reform. The time to stand up for credit unions' tax-exempt status is NOW.

Please use the following embeddable YouTube video hyperlink on your credit union's website to educate consumers and members about the value of the credit union movement's tax-exempt status. This video was produced by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA).

Additionally, please use the (horizontal or vertical) banner ad on this webpage in conjunction with the video. You can take advantage of these materials based on your specific marketing purposes and website structure. The banner should link to www.ConnectForTheCause.org. From here, members can send letters to Congress in support of your credit union. Please plan to leave the banner on your website for the foreseeable future, as this is an ongoing effort to educate credit union members. The Leagues will notify you when the video and banner should be removed, as well as the next steps in this important campaign.

We recommend you place both the video and one of the advertising banners in a highly visible location to encourage your members to take action on behalf of credit unions. Research shows that members are willing to advocate for credit unions when asked to participate.

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