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Membership for Credit Union Executives


SCCUA requires a membership to help cover the cost for the three quarterly forums and for the administration cost of the group. The annual conference (the SCCUA's additional quarterly meeting) is paid for through the conference registration. In addition, members will have access to discounts extended by selected business partners as well as access to members-only content of the web site.

  • Alta Vista CU

  • Arrowhead CU

  • Bakersfield City Employees FCU

  • Cabrillo CU

  • Cal State LA FCU

  • CalCom FCU

  • California Lithuanian CU


  • Chaffey FCU

  • County Schools FCU

  • CU SoCal

  • Desert Valleys FCU

  • Downey FCU

  • Eagle Community CU

  • Financial Partners CU


  • Glendale FCU

  • Inland Valley FCU

  • LA Healthcare FCU

  • La Loma FCU

  • Logix FCU

  • Long Beach City Employees FCU

  • Matadors Community CU

  • Mattel FCU

  • Media City Community CU

  • Nikkei CU

  • Novo FCU

  • Parishioners FCU

  • Pasadena Service FCU


  • PostCity Financial CU

  • Printing Industries CU

  • Santa Ana FCU

  • SchoolsFirst FCU

  • Self-Help FCU

  • SkyOne FCU

  • South Bay CU

  • Technicolor FCU

  • Thinkwise CU

  • UMe CU

  • United Catholics FCU

  • USC CU

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