On: June 19, 2021 through July 31, 2021

Cost: $80 per squad* (squads can be made up of 2-4 people) 

*Minimum entry $160 per credit union or business partner

11th Annual Credit Union Olympics Flyer

Join us at our 11th Annual Credit Union Olympics! 

Track your distance with your squad during the 6-week race whether you run, walk or crawl. Take milestone photos along the way and look out for weekly themed challenges to earn points and leave your competition in the dust! Best of all, for each milestone you reach during the race, a tree will be planted in an effort to preserve our planet! Up to 5 trees will be planted if your squad completes all 90-miles of the race.

Squads will be made up of 2-4 individuals, with at least half being made up of Credit Union employees. Each Credit Union will have 1 squad captain who will be responsible for communication between the SCCUA and their Credit Union's squads. We encourage you to team up with your co-workers and bring your loved ones in as well. Prizes will be awarded to the Top 3 individual squads, as well as the top Credit Union or Business Partner Squads.

Click here to register squad captain.

Note: This registration is for the Squad Captains from the Credit Union / Company that is interested in participating.  Individual registration will be reviewed later between SCCUA Administration and Squad Captains.